Copyright Regulations

Lucerne Tourism Ltd. is responsible for operating this image database for and, which includes a large selection of the most beautiful images of Lucerne and Central Switzerland.

All images in the database are protected as the property of the copyright holder (photographer or Lucerne Tourism Ltd.).

Permission to use images from the database may be granted exclusively for public relation and tourism media services or for printed materials under the specific authority of Lucerne Tourism Ltd. and its partners of the photopool.

Use of the images for any other purpose (product advertising, Internet, other advertising use, one’s own products, etc.) is strictly forbidden, except when specified by written consent of the copyright holder. Any further use of the images agreed upon is forbidden.

The images may not be modified – digitally or conventionally - without written consent of the copyright holder (photographer, Lucerne Tourism Ltd.).

All public relation and tourism media services using the images must include the copyright notice (photographer’s name or Lucerne Tourism Ltd.). Should it prove to be impossible to affix the copyright notice directly next to or under the image, the copyright notice is to be affixed in such a manner that the image source can be clearly identified